Remedy for the envy

Envy is a serious disease with dire consequences which are manifested in the breakdown of social relations and spoiling interactions between people, which may sink to the lowest levels of ignorance and backwardness.

Hence Islam took a very firm stance against this serious disease. It is narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alaihe wassallam said, “Do not envy one another, do no cut off ties with one another, do not hate one another; be, O slave of Allah, brothers.”

In order to avoid making this mistake, we must have a pure heart and calm manner. It is permissible to wish for a blessing the someone else enjoying, on condition that we do not hope to see it taken away from the other person, and that he does not resent the other person having it.

In reality when a person is envious of another, he is actually doubting the wisdom of Allah SWT and questioning His decision. This is because, ultimately, it is Allah who decided which favours to bestow on which people.

Since envy is a serious disease of the heart, diseases of the heart can only be treated with beneficial knowledge.

The one who envies should realise the certainty of his envy being harmful to his dunya and akhira. His envy manifests his anger towards Allah’s decree and his questioning of Allah’s wisdom in bestowing His blessings. This is a crime against Allah and he is only earning the wrath of Allah in doing so.

Envy results in grief and sadness as each time someone is blessed the envious soul only increases in jealousy, sorrow and hatred, to the point that his heart becomes pre-occupied with envy.

One should reflect over and enumerate the blessings that they have been bestowed with and not occupy himself with that which He has given to others. Reflecting over one’s own blessings allows one to increase in gratefulness towards Allah.

If one feels anything of this nature he should strive against his soul to curb any bad feeling and do the opposite of what one desires, instead of asking Allah to remove the blessings from this person he should instead do du’a that Allah increase His bounty on him, were he to be envious of someone’s praise he should not back-bite but strive, instead, to mention their good qualities too, thereby training his soul to fight and remove this envy.

One should seek refuge in Allah from hasad and make du’a that Allah removes it.

May Allah protect us all from the diseases of the heart.

Zakia Usmani

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