Not a curse but perhaps a blessing in disguise – Part 9

"No leaf falls except that He knows of it, and no rain drop forms except that He has willed it."

It could have been other illnesses or calamities instead of magic. All these are a variety of trials from Allah, to test who a suffering person turn to in times of need. Allah chooses for the person a means of trial that He knows the person is better able to deal with, for a given test.

This trial may well be a ‘blessing in disguise’ as sins are wiped off with patience in face of any trial and adversity. If it persists long, it is good in terms of the sins erased and good deeds earned with patience and obedience of Allah. But if the ailment ceases in short time, the person is grateful and able to continue with other means of seeking reward and forgiveness for sins without the suffering. Moreover, after recovery, the experience may leave the person with an unshakable iman, reliance and trust (tawakkul) in Allah.

A curse, according to Islamic understanding, is to be distanced from the mercy of Allah. But far from being a curse, this may become a blessed experience for a believer with an increase in temporal and eternal good in so many ways, as described above. Day after day, for as long as the ailment persists, the Muslim does not put his life on hold and, instead, perseveres patiently, earning reward all the while, doing other good deeds all the more, feeling reassured and confident of the promise of Allah in Quran for times of trials and adversities that, “Surely, the help of Allah is near.” [Quran Surah Baqarah 2:214]

So, this is the end of our series and it's time to decide.

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Warning against going to the magicians - Part 8

Magic is emphatically forbidden. To learn it is forbidden, and to practice it is considered similar to disbelief in Allah. According to Islam, practicing any sort of magic is said to be one of the vilest sins in Islam. Abu Huraira Narrated: The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, "Avoid the seven great destructive sins." The companions inquired, "O Allah's Apostle! What are they? "He said, "To join others in worship along with Allah, to practice sorcery, unlawfully take a life, eat Riba (usury), eat the property of an orphan, run away from the battlefield, and falsely accuse chaste women ..." Sahih Muslim

The whole point here is to warn Muslims against falling into disbelief by going to magicians or learning magic or being pleased with it. One of the examples of it is a series of books about Harry Potter. If you think about it when you read books like that you are actually pleased with magic and its effects. If you think back to each book release, hordes of children and adults alike lined up to get their copy. They would read it with a passion and be so excited to hear the next steps of the young wizard. They actually root for him as the 'hero' of the series. In this way, we are becoming pleased with magic. Also watching movies with magic and playing video games with magic is just as bad. Unknowingly we are sucking ourselves in to thinking it’s cool.

If we practice magic or are pleased with it in any way that it is pure disbelief, and that it is a form of shirk. We are giving power to others than Allah.

In today's life magic is considered as entertaining but the truth of it is very scary and it’s such that it could lead a person to committing shirk and be destined for destruction … forever.

Unfortunately many people do not understand the evils associated with some of these issues, and the Muslim world has become afflicted with some of these practices.

Evidently, there is urgent need to spread the knowledge about magic, protection against black magic and jinn possession and benefit of treatment with legal Ruqyas, for they have had a great impact on curing a lot of psychological and other diseases that modem medicine has failed to treat.

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Are you the victim? Part 7

The tragedy lies in the fact that such practices of magic are widespread in the world, and the ones who are doing such evil, the saahir (magician) has gone beyond the bounds of Islaam and is clearly a Kaafir. However, the one who approaches the magician is also doing an act of kufr, by asking the magician to assist him/her to favour his/her affairs.

This subject is a topic in its own right, especially as more people than assumed are actually affected by this, and everyone should really try to at least learn something about this. Sometimes the sihr comes in such a disguised form that the person affected doesn’t realise it and thinks that an illness he/she suffers from is a natural illness, but in fact turns out to be the result of magic. There are many cases where this has happened ... And Allaah knows best.

If you think you are the victim of sihr then first and foremost you need to ascertain whether it is, in fact, magic that you are affected by, or evil eye or it is a physical illness.

To determine whether one is affected by magic, a series of specific questions need to be asked with regards to the one’s behaviour, feelings, emotions and even dreams one may be having.

If you are the victim of magic then you may ask what the remedy is. Make du'aa to Allaah (SWT) and treatment from Qur’an is the short answer. The cure for magic, without a doubt, lies in the book of Allah. The best thing is for the person who has been affected to recite Qur’aan on himself/herself. No doubt this is the best cure. There are certain chapters that are more effective for this treatment than others. For example, Surah al-Baqarah, Soorah Ikhlaas, Soorah al-Falaq, Soorah an-Naas, and other selected verses from various chapters.

This is just a brief outline of what needs to be done. The scholars have mentioned that this treatment is a science of its own, and one needs to know what he/she is doing. Please check my course “Unchained: Believers’ Weapon Against Dark Forces”

I have spoken in lengths on this subject since it is actually a deep topic.

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Protection from Ta'weez - Part 6

The biggest problem in our society is to believe that the taweez can get us what we desire. People often forget that their reliance is and always should be on Allah alone. Allah will leave a person to the protection of the taweez and, of course, we know it has no power or authority to be able to harm or benefit anyone in any way.

Sometimes a person has been wearing a pendant or taweez around his/her neck for years, having been given it at a young age by someone seen as "religious" without knowing what it really contains. Some of them when opened contained ayaat and others had bits of paper which contained names of Shayateen invoked by the one who made the amulet.

So, the first step is to educate ourselves and our loved ones. The next step is to find any amulets or charms or taweez that we have in our homes.

After finding the taweez, these should be given to someone who knows what they are doing and are experienced in dealing with sihr. It is not recommended that any one start opening them because if they really are artifacts of sihr, then it is possible that they will have a secondary sihr in place that will go off if it is tampered with. Also there is the possibility of making things even worse if it isn't dealt with correctly. This leads to the third point: Who to turn to when helping someone who has been afflicted with Sihr/Possession? What to do when we find such taweez in our homes? Where to get help?

It’s often hard to get hold of someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in this field. It’s just like a medical emergency. Should you go to your local imam. Will he even know what to do?

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Symptoms of Sihr– Part 5

The physical symptoms of Sihr can be summarised as:



          Muscle aches and stiffness

          Weight on the shoulders

          Tightness in back muscles

          Shortness of breath while reciting the Quran

          Palpitation in the middle of the chest

          Feeling something is stuck in the middle of the chest

          Extreme feeling of fearfulness

·               Belching and burping

          Either loss of appetite or extreme increase of appetite 

          Pain in the kidneys

          Pain in the ear

          Heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.

There are many other symptoms of black magic.

These problems can last for years while doctors find nothing wrong, or diagnose the symptoms. In magical terms the victim is being drained of energy.

These symptoms are very similar to flu, which lasts around a week. If your experiences last for a few days, then it is likely you have flu. However, if these symptoms continue, or come and go on a daily or weekly basis, then you may be suffering from black magic.

The signs to recognize when Jinn enters one’s body?
  •  Feeling of something entering in the body.
  •  A whistling sound in the left ear.
  • Feeling of presence of the evil inside the body.
  • Feeling of the heaviness on the shoulder
  • Goose bumps and slight shivering on the body

How does it affect one mentally?
Black magic puts a block to a person’s wisdom and intelligence and makes all his efforts to solve the problems fruitless.
  •  The victim feels a mental block
  • Gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams
  • Negative thinking 
  • Feels suffocated and restless
  • Difficult to feel at peace
  • Feels depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live
  • Gets angry and irritated over trivial matters and gets pleasure after relieving the anger
  • Confusion over small matters
  • Laziness associated with the body pain
  • Irritation with the recitation of the Quran

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Why is this happening to me? Part 4

The problem of magic done on others has intensified a lot in the last few years, and many are suffering all over the world. Many prosperous and happy families are ruined by black magic.

With this as the basis, it can often make us wonder, “Why has Allah willed this on me? Why is this happening to me”, you may ask.

The why questions of our lives are endless, and this one question and the pain associated with this suffering can truly make us doubt whether Allah loves us or not. But the answer is simple: it is happening to bring you closer to Allah. "And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me." [Quran 51:56]
You must believe firmly that no one, however great his powers may be, can benefit or harm you unless Allah wills it. If you find yourself a victim of black magic, then it is a test of your faith and your strength, and Allah is testing you. We have been given free will, so you have the choice of how you will behave.

Do not seek hateful means to survive it. Do not wish ill onto the one who did black magic on you. Find love in your heart and try to forgive them. They do not realize what they are doing. Try to see all events in your life, including magic, as being a test from Allah and you will see that Allah is only trying to bring you closer to Him and purifying you from the sins.

When you can't see any logic in what's going on and your heart asks why this is happening, recall Nooh alayhi salaam who built the biggest ship without questioning.

You have to practice patience, willingly or unwillingly. The wise person is he who practices patience willingly and from the beginning because he understands the benefits of patience. He knows that he will be rewarded for his patience and will be criticized if he panics. You should also be aware of the fact that impatience and despair can neither bring back missed opportunities nor change the Decree of Allah.

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What does magic do? - Part 3

Magic can be used to harm or hurt another person by performing certain acts even in a faraway place – the effect of this technique can be experienced thousands of miles away. With the increase of jealousy, frustration, and selfishness, the use of the black magic has become the most common way to take out one’s malice and get an evil kind of satisfaction from the turmoil of others.

Magic puts a block on a person’s wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problems go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. The person also feels the heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.

If a human being is overpowered by the jinn, it can affect the body of the victim, his heart and/or mind, without even coming into contact with the person initiating the magic.

The reality of magic is that there are some types that can cause one to fall ill or even kill. It can act as an obstacle against a husband having sexual intercourse with his wife and can even separate spouses.

Some types of magic can affect people’s hearts in matters of love and hate, casting good and bad thoughts into their minds, and on their bodies, causing pain and sickness.

It can cause psychological and nervous diseases such as insanity, depression, anxiety, tension, epilepsy, whispers from Shaytan, and personality disorders.
Some physical diseases which do not improve when given medical treatment are caused by magic.

It can cause hallucinations, stir up hatred between people, cause enmity and division between them.

It can cause female diseases such as infertility, heavy bleeding and menstrual irregularities, infections and/or sexual problems such as impotency, premature ejaculation and lack of sexual response in either spouse.

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