Are you the victim? Part 7

The tragedy lies in the fact that such practices of magic are widespread in the world, and the ones who are doing such evil, the saahir (magician) has gone beyond the bounds of Islaam and is clearly a Kaafir. However, the one who approaches the magician is also doing an act of kufr, by asking the magician to assist him/her to favour his/her affairs.

This subject is a topic in its own right, especially as more people than assumed are actually affected by this, and everyone should really try to at least learn something about this. Sometimes the sihr comes in such a disguised form that the person affected doesn’t realise it and thinks that an illness he/she suffers from is a natural illness, but in fact turns out to be the result of magic. There are many cases where this has happened ... And Allaah knows best.

If you think you are the victim of sihr then first and foremost you need to ascertain whether it is, in fact, magic that you are affected by, or evil eye or it is a physical illness.

To determine whether one is affected by magic, a series of specific questions need to be asked with regards to the one’s behaviour, feelings, emotions and even dreams one may be having.

If you are the victim of magic then you may ask what the remedy is. Make du'aa to Allaah (SWT) and treatment from Qur’an is the short answer. The cure for magic, without a doubt, lies in the book of Allah. The best thing is for the person who has been affected to recite Qur’aan on himself/herself. No doubt this is the best cure. There are certain chapters that are more effective for this treatment than others. For example, Surah al-Baqarah, Soorah Ikhlaas, Soorah al-Falaq, Soorah an-Naas, and other selected verses from various chapters.

This is just a brief outline of what needs to be done. The scholars have mentioned that this treatment is a science of its own, and one needs to know what he/she is doing. Please check my course “Unchained: Believers’ Weapon Against Dark Forces”

I have spoken in lengths on this subject since it is actually a deep topic.

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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Assalam O Alaikum

    I want to share my own experience which is exactly the way you have explained here and SubhanAllah with Qura'an recitation I was cured specially Surah Al Falaq and Annas (Alhamdulillah)

  2. Walaikum Assalam

    We are waiting to hear your experience :)