Protection from Ta'weez - Part 6

The biggest problem in our society is to believe that the taweez can get us what we desire. People often forget that their reliance is and always should be on Allah alone. Allah will leave a person to the protection of the taweez and, of course, we know it has no power or authority to be able to harm or benefit anyone in any way.

Sometimes a person has been wearing a pendant or taweez around his/her neck for years, having been given it at a young age by someone seen as "religious" without knowing what it really contains. Some of them when opened contained ayaat and others had bits of paper which contained names of Shayateen invoked by the one who made the amulet.

So, the first step is to educate ourselves and our loved ones. The next step is to find any amulets or charms or taweez that we have in our homes.

After finding the taweez, these should be given to someone who knows what they are doing and are experienced in dealing with sihr. It is not recommended that any one start opening them because if they really are artifacts of sihr, then it is possible that they will have a secondary sihr in place that will go off if it is tampered with. Also there is the possibility of making things even worse if it isn't dealt with correctly. This leads to the third point: Who to turn to when helping someone who has been afflicted with Sihr/Possession? What to do when we find such taweez in our homes? Where to get help?

It’s often hard to get hold of someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in this field. It’s just like a medical emergency. Should you go to your local imam. Will he even know what to do?

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This course is amazing – Subhan Allah. It benefited me by all means, as I am suffering from this situation and by the Grace and Command of Allah, this course of yours was really useful for me. The Ruqiyas are wonderful, I only heard them once (all of them) and it worked wonders – believe me my situation has started changing and so many issues are getting settled now and the best thing is that I don’t need a Raqi to perform Ruqyah on me and my family, I did it myself, with full belief in Allah that anyone who recites the Qur’an will definitely benefited, and it worked amazingly. The modules are very informative and at the same time beneficial too. The Ruqyah e-books, Fatwas and other documents are very informative and useful as well.
May Allah accept and reward you for all your efforts and may Allah make this effort of yours beneficial for every single person who wants to take good advantage of this course which is to follow the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW)." Saima Saleem

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  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I just wish, i would have a wife like you. You are really a person from Jannah...

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Nice article but you cannot generalize this law, sometimes a persons ruhaani condition is weak and the Dunya is Daarul Asbaab,in that case to use a taweez with the correct bilief that Allah grants cure and not the taweez then it is permissible