Symptoms of Sihr– Part 5

The physical symptoms of Sihr can be summarised as:



          Muscle aches and stiffness

          Weight on the shoulders

          Tightness in back muscles

          Shortness of breath while reciting the Quran

          Palpitation in the middle of the chest

          Feeling something is stuck in the middle of the chest

          Extreme feeling of fearfulness

·               Belching and burping

          Either loss of appetite or extreme increase of appetite 

          Pain in the kidneys

          Pain in the ear

          Heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.

There are many other symptoms of black magic.

These problems can last for years while doctors find nothing wrong, or diagnose the symptoms. In magical terms the victim is being drained of energy.

These symptoms are very similar to flu, which lasts around a week. If your experiences last for a few days, then it is likely you have flu. However, if these symptoms continue, or come and go on a daily or weekly basis, then you may be suffering from black magic.

The signs to recognize when Jinn enters one’s body?
  •  Feeling of something entering in the body.
  •  A whistling sound in the left ear.
  • Feeling of presence of the evil inside the body.
  • Feeling of the heaviness on the shoulder
  • Goose bumps and slight shivering on the body

How does it affect one mentally?
Black magic puts a block to a person’s wisdom and intelligence and makes all his efforts to solve the problems fruitless.
  •  The victim feels a mental block
  • Gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams
  • Negative thinking 
  • Feels suffocated and restless
  • Difficult to feel at peace
  • Feels depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live
  • Gets angry and irritated over trivial matters and gets pleasure after relieving the anger
  • Confusion over small matters
  • Laziness associated with the body pain
  • Irritation with the recitation of the Quran

Unchained: Believer’s Weapon Against Dark Forces


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    allah aap ko jaza de, aise bohat se cases dekhay hain, allah sab ko apni amaan main rakhay

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Assalamu alaikum

    What is the best form of treatment for the above?