"How to Tast the True Beauty of Salah" Part 3

Live the dialogue

Do you notice how the flood of thoughts and distractions only comes once you start Salah (it’s not present before)? It is this very Khushu’ that Satan always tries to steal away from you in Salah. A thief would not bother stealing from a king’s palace because it is well guarded, nor from a poor man’s house because it is empty. The house he always aims for is the rich man’s house because it has the wealth, but
without the guards.

This is what you are. You are the rich person. You have the Khushu’ (the wealth), but you don’t have the guards that those who have reached Khushu’s highest levels have (those of the palace). And so Satan will keep trying to distract you to steal away from your prayer’s worth. But as you start applying what you will learn from this series and as you begin to feel that happiness and peace that Salah was prescribed for, you will easily begin to overcome these distractions and the quality of your Salah will improve significantly.

Ask yourself, in which month do you feel you attain the most “khushu’”? It is Ramadan, isn’t it? And during which time in Ramadan, specifically? It is during the Taraweeh or night prayers, right? And in which segment of those prayers, in particular? It is during the duaa at the end where everyone raises their hands.

Why at that moment do we feel the Khushu’? What is different in this segment of the prayer? This is because at this moment, you suddenly feel that you are actually talking to Someone. You realize that you are conversing with Allah directly!

Therefore, to live these precious moments and achieve the needed Khushu’ not just once a year, but in each and every Salah you perform everyday, feel with your total being that you are: Talking to Him- Addressing Him- Conversing with Him. Most people think Salah is a monologue and have forgotten that our Salah is really a dialogue from beginning to end. Live this dialogue- Feel the other side!

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