Food possesses a special flavor. So does play, so does the spending of money. Even laughter has its special flavor. All these flavors share a similar pleasure, but the pleasure of true faith (Iman) is different from all the rest in this world. This is because it is not a state of the people of this world, but a state of the people of Paradise!- Have you ever tasted that beautiful sweetness of faith? Those who have say- It is sweeter than honey, but in reality is incomparable to anything we know. We want to try to taste this sweetness. This is our goal- To taste the sweet beauty of Iman and all that is in it. And we start with the sweetness of Salah- How to taste the true beauty of Salah!

The Aim of This Course is

  1. To change your Salah completely. In fact, you will actually see significant improvement before you have finished this course.
  2. Understand the reasons for the differences observed in the prayer by fellow muslims, and learn about the fiqh of Prayer and its rulings in a very unique way.
  3. To fill your heart with a joy never experienced before, and to pour down upon it a peace and tranquility that will extinguish any pain you have ever suffered in this life.
  4. Understanding the importance of the Salah.
  5. To reach the Firdous-Al-Ala (the highest Paradise), insha’Allah- Because Allah tells us in Sura Al-Muminun:
“Successful indeed are The Believers, Those who humble themselves in their prayers… These will be the heirs, who will inherit Al Firdous: They will dwell therein (for ever).” (23:1-11)
Course Contents 
  1. Reasons for differences in madhabs 
  2. The Importance of salah and ruling for abandoning it 
  3. Pre-conditions of salah 
  4. Timings of salah
  5.  Awarah of a male and a female 
  6. Pillars, obligatory parts and sunnah of salah
  7.  Explanation of the pillars,
  8.  obligatory parts and sunnah of salah 
  9. Prostration of forgetfulness in prayer
  10.  Sajdah Tilawah 
  11. Sutrah
  12.  Head covering of male
  13.  Raf ul Yadain 
  14. The positions of the hands in prayer
  15.  A Meeting Announcement – Adhan - 
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The epidemic of Sihr in our communities is reaching epic proportions. Many people turn to a magician at the first instance of a dispute to help them get over their adversary, and this has led to the spread of much evil, corruption and injustice to many innocent people.

Sihr can really play havoc with the life of the target person by destroying any aspect of life, may it be career/business or wealth/prosperity, creating family problems or unnecessary tensions/phobias, adversely affecting children and family, creating chronic health problems, destroying mental peace, intelligence and happiness, cause inner turmoil, unrest and uncharacteristic/abnormal behavior and even cause unnatural deaths in extreme circumstances. The spread of this disease has touched many families, often without them realizing it.
On the other hand, many people have attributed all their problems to sihr. They have imagined that they have been bewitched or that so-and-so has put a spell on them, so their thinking became confused and their lives became chaotic, and they tell themselves that they have been bewitched. In order to solve their “problems” they run to charlatans who dupe peoples by offering “remedies” and “protection,” at the cost of their wealth and, more seriously, at the cost of their ‘Aqeedah.
The question is what to do about the eradication of such dodgy practitioners and how to save ourselves from falling into their traps. The first and most obvious step is to educate ourselves, in order to recognize if we are really afflicted by sihr, evil eye or jinn possession, or it is merely our imagination.
The cure for magic, without a doubt, lies in the book of Allah. The best thing for the person who has been affected is to recite Qur’an on himself/herself. The scholars have mentioned that this treatment is a science of its own, and one needs to know what he/she is doing.
In this course, insha Allah you will learn to take a balanced path between the superstitious approach of attributing all problems to the sihr and evil eye and recognizing if the sickness and problems are actually caused by sihr or jinn possession and how to treat yourself and your loved ones in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah.
My hope and intent are to give you an understanding of the world of magicians and jinns so that you can protect yourself and others insha Allah. This is a practical course, with a solid basis of Islamic teachings drawn from the Qur’an and Sunnah. 
This course will cover treatment of magic, evil eye and Jinn possession by means of the Noble Qur’an and Ruqyahs that are prescribed in Sharee’ah, you will learn:
1. How sorcerer perform magic
2. How to recognize dodgy peer and raqis and guidelines for sincere raqis
3. How to recognize that your problems or sickness is due to magic and not by other means
4. Types of magic and their symptoms
5. Protective measures against magic
6. Treatment of sickness caused by jinn possession
7. How to expel jinn from a house
8. Learn why jinn possess human
9. Treatment of mental and nervous illnesses.
10. Symptoms and treatment of evil eye and envy.
11. Recognize innovated methods to repel evil eye.
12. Prevention and Cure from Magic
13. Sheild against Shaytan and much more.

By the end of this course…

You will learn every aspect which is needed for you to understand your condition and to treat yourself and your loved ones.
After taking this course you will be able to distinguish the fake soothsayers and sorcerers. You will understand how the magic is done, the reality of magician and jinn, and how to protect and cure yourself and your loved ones from the evil of magic insha Allah.

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“Unchained is a course compiled in the light of Quran and Sunnah for the darkest times in our lives. The times where many go astray, due to lack of knowledge and guidance. One cannot find such an authentic, comprehensive and a complete package of information anywhere else. Alhamdulillah this course has enlightened our lives and I pray that it will benefit many more. Jazzak Allah o Khairan Sister Zakia”

Sahar Nawaz Sheikh

"This course is amazing – Subhan Allah. It benefited me by all means, as I am suffering from this situation and by the Grace and Command of Allah, this course of yours was really useful for me. The Ruqiyas are wonderful, I only heard them once (all of them) and it worked wonders – believe me my situation has started changing and so many issues are getting settled now and the best thing is that I don’t need a Raqi to perform Ruqyah on me and my family, I did it myself, with full belief in Allah that anyone who recites the Qur’an will definitely benefited, and it worked amazingly. The modules are very informative and at the same time beneficial too. The Ruqyah e-books, Fatwas and other documents are very informative and useful as well.

May Allah accept and reward you for all your efforts and may Allah make this effort of yours beneficial for every single person who wants to take good advantage of this course which is to follow the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW)."

Saima Saleem