79 Way to Improve your life - Part 5

Assalamu Alaikum

I am sure you’re loving these tips and sharing with your friends and family.
1. Take the stairs
Are you in love with the elevator? Skip it next time and run up the stairs. Why? Because it’s harder and therefore infinitely more awesome.

2. Release the how
We’re always trying to figure out how something is going to happen. Release the how. Our brains aren’t meant to know how things are going to happen. It causes anxiety, worry and other mental problems.

3. Volunteer
Almost every masjid or community centre has opportunities where you can volunteer. Go check it out and try it for one day. You might like it.

4. Be open minded
Don’t judge a book by its cover. Be open to everything, because you never know where it may lead.

5. Grow
Grow as a human being, a spiritual being and a conscious soul. If you aren’t growing, you’re slowly withering away. There is no middle ground. Always push yourself. Live uncomfortably and evolve.

6. Be grateful
Write down and think about the positive things in your life. Thank Allah every night before sleep. Show gratitude in your words, actions and heart. Remember enjoying the little things you are grateful for will have an impact on you.

7. Make connections
One of the most important things in life is making connections. Your life will significantly shift towards making more connections and giving value, from just being someone who does something for money. This will have a huge impact on your life.

8. Accept
Do you constantly want to change they way things are? What if you had done that one thing differently in the past? Stop it. You’re putting yourself in mental hell. Accept what is. Ironically, that is the first step to change.

9. Forgive
Forgive yourself and others. It will take a huge load off your back. You don’t have to hold grudges against anyone. You are only causing anguish to yourself.

10. Patience
Nothing happens fast. People want fast results, but the truth is that you have to work hard for 6-12-24 months before anything happens.

Wishing you the very best.
Zakia Usmani


79 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life – Part 4

I’ve always gained inspiration from these tips, which is why I’ve decided to share with you. Each one comes with an elaboration from me.

1. Use money as a tool
Money doesn’t have to enslave you. How much money do you really need? How about having enough to do what you want, when you want to do it? Why would anyone need more than that?

2. Dream
Let yourself dream. All my childhood I’ve been told that things can’t be done, but I have come to realize just the opposite, so let yourself dream and ignore the people that don’t know what they’re talking about.

3. Learn a new language
How many times have you heard or even said “I want to learn a new language”? Stop wishing and start doing. Just 10-15 minutes a day will give you results.

4. Enjoy nature
How long has it been since you took a walk in nature? What about sitting down in the forest and just listening to the wildlife?

5. Self-discipline
Having and exercising discipline comes in handy more often than you think. We all have weak moments in our lives when we are just about to give up.

6. Plan your day
Before you get out of bed, visualize how your perfect day would look like. How do you want that day to go?

7. Excuses
Have you been putting off doing what you love because you’re afraid? It’s time to throw out all the excuses and just do it. You will see that the fear and excuses fall away once you realize that they really do not hold as much power as you think.

8. Social media
If you’re not already involved in social media, get involved. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. They are tools to help you connect with the right people. Use them.

9. Blog
Starting a blog doesn’t mean you have to make money. You can start a blog just to have a home on the internet. Share your thoughts and build a community. You might even discover your passion in the process.

10. Relax
Stress is killing all of us slowly. Take time out of your day to relax. Worship, read Qur’an, ponder over its verses, be mindful, walk, hangout with your loved ones.

Wishing you the very best.
Zakia Usmani


79 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life - Part 3

Enjoy today’s inspiring, and great tips!

1. Tidy up
Keep your apartment or house clean. Not saying that I’m a master of cleanliness or anything, but it sure does feel good to have everything looking good, doesn’t it?

2. Embrace challenges
Most people avoid challenges, or as they like to call them: problems. What would life be without challenges? Incredibly boring. We would never grow – at least not as fast – and everything would be smooth sailing.

3. Live with power
Live with power and certainty. Power goes hand in hand with responsibility. Take action, be confident, be yourself and trust that your intuition will guide you wherever you need to be.

4. Practice courage
We all have our fears. By practicing courage and doing something even though you’re afraid, you grow. New stuff is scary. I know that. You know that. Let’s do it anyway, shall we?

5. Surround yourself with awesome people
The people you choose as friends have a big impact on how you think and act. Do not accept just anyone into your life. Choose your friends wisely.

6. Go with the flow
You know, Allah is constantly giving you hints and trying to pull you in one direction. Are you noticing those hints? From now on, think about the signs you’re getting and follow them.

7. Release expectations
Release all expectations after you’ve set your goal. You never know what Allah might deliver to your doorstep. That’s why you want to have an open-mind, because what if Allah has something better in store for you?

8. Experiment
Dare to experiment. Embrace failure, because that is how you learn and how you grow. Being awesome means looking ridiculous and making tons of mistakes. Why? Because it helps you become better and provide even more value.

9. Live within your means
Do you really need a car? Do you need cable T.V? We can live a lot cheaper when we realize that we do not need a lot of the stuff we think we need. This allows you to work less and have more free time to do what you want.

10. Slow down
Life is busy. Try to be conscious as much as possible. Breathe and slow down. Enjoy the fact that you’re alive. Be grateful for the little things. Be grateful for the big things.

Wishing you the very best.

Zakia Usmani


79 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life - Part 2

Here are some more gems!!!

1. Do less
You can do less and live more. You don’t need more stuff. Release your cravings for materialism. It will lead to less debt, less work and less stress.

2. Be radical
Sometimes it’s good to be radical, if it’s you. Radical means different things to different people, so I’ll leave it up to you to interpret it.

3. Be authentic
Whatever you do, be authentic. Be yourself.

4. Enjoy the process
When you’re doing something you love, you will automatically enjoy the process. Goals don’t even matter at this point. Sure, they give you a direction, but you’re loving life and feeling awesome.

5. Be practical
You don’t have to quit your job to do what you love. You can slowly start phasing it out by working on your passion project after you get home from work. Be practical and realistic. Don’t just jump into your passion when you don’t have a plan.

6. Lose arguments
Why do we insist on being right all the time? Try losing arguments. It’s great fun and interrupts patterns in people. Seeing people get confused is a lot of fun.

7. Let someone pass you in line at the supermarket
Everyone’s in a rush to get home, but what if you took a deep breathe and let someone pass you? It’s unexpected and it makes people smile.

8. Quit your job
If you’re ready for it, just quit your job. There’s no need to hang onto something that you don’t need. For the rest of you, stay put.

9. Give away stuff
How much stuff do you have that you haven’t used in the last 12 months? What about giving it all away? I know a lot of people that have their houses full of stuff.

10. Focus
Be aware of where your focus is. Where focus goes, energy flows. If you’re constantly thinking about how you will fail, you will feel bad and maybe even fail. Think about how you will succeed and you might just succeed. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

Wishing you the very best.
Zakia Usmani


Do you pray ?? NO….WHY ?????

صَـلُّوا قــَـبْلَ أنْ يُصَلَّى عـَلـَـيْكُمْ

The elderly have not abandoned it

Women have not abandoned it

Children have not abandoned it

On the roads, they have not abandoned it

In corrupt countries, they have not abandoned it

In the forests and jungles, they have not abandoned it

In the midst of ruins and destruction, they have not abandoned it

Under the bombings, they have not abandoned it

Under the rain, they have not abandoned it

On the stairs, they have not abandoned it

On top of car roofs, they have not abandoned it

In train stations, they have not abandoned it

In planes, they have not abandoned it
On the snow ,they have not abandoned it

On the beaches, they have not abandoned it

UNDER WATER, they have not abandoned it

He is under water diving, it's his work …

he can’t leave his job undone…but he can’t lose the FAJAR PRAYER…

so he prayed underwater’ SubhanAllah !!!.

Before they are captured, they have not abandoned it

And after they are captured, they have not abandoned it

The disabled have not abandoned it

So why would you

Didn’t you know that this is the most
loved deed by Allah, and the greatest ibadah?

If you do not observe prayer as you are ordered to

 Then there will come a day when you will be prayed upon

You will then be unable to make up what you’ve missed

You shall than enter alone…
No companions except your deeds
And what you have presented forward
Pray before you are prayed upon
Below is a picture of a pilgrim
who died in Madina in the position of sujood (prostration)

And another one (beneath it) of a pilgrim who died in Makka while raising his hands with prayer (du’aa)

Do not miss a prayer
Do not die a loser’s death

Allah swt says in the Quran that prayer is prescribed upon the believers according to a precise timely record

Pray before you are prayed upon

O Allah, make us among those you described in your Book
Those who have khushoo’ in their prayers
Those who are continually observing their prayers and are heedful of them


Why not send this to all those that matter to you?

It might benefit them and you afterall. May Allah bless those who compile this.


79 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life (Part 1)

Do you want to improve your life? Do you want to be more awesome, but just don’t know how to go about peeling off the unnecessary layers?

I’ve put together a list of 79 ways you can improve your life. Enjoy and share with your friends.
So here we go!!!!!!

1. Care

If you want to be awesome, you have to care. Care about the people around you and even people you’ve never met.

2. Give Value

We all have something to share. Always focus on what you can do for others. What do you love and what are you good at (or want to become good at)?

3. Be honest

Honesty feels good and is the right thing to do. But why do many choose to lie instead? Most often it’s because it makes their life easier, or does it? It usually might seem like it in the short-term, but in the long-term, honesty always wins.

4. Be honorable

Be honorable and respectable. This means doing the right things, keeping promises and in general, being someone who does the right thing.

5. Integrity

Having integrity for me means being ethical and following a moral code that is both practical and benefits all of humanity. It’s idealistic, but it is certainly worth striving for, isn’t it?

6. Follow your passion

Find your passion and follow it. Never give up. There is always a way to make a living doing what you love. It may not come in the form you think, so be open-minded.

7. Take responsibility

You are responsible for your life. There is no one to blame. If you’re not happy with your life or with your circumstances, you are the only one that can take responsibility and start changing it. What are you waiting for?

8. Be positive

Being just a little bit more positive can mean a lot of things. Reading a good book, checking out positive quotations or even learning new skills that you enjoy. The possibilities are endless. Even though being positive is cliché and kind of irritating, it is still useful.

9. Take action

You can dream and you can wonder, but nothing happens without taking action consistently. You don’t have to be perfect. Learn as much as you need to know the next step and take action!

10. Focus on your strengths

Stop trying to fix your weaknesses. You can’t be perfect. Focus on your strength and let other people do what you’re bad at.

Wishing you the very best.


Zakia Usmani


Zakia Usmani's Blog: Never…give…up…HOPE!

Zakia Usmani's Blog: Never…give…up…HOPE!: Never Give Up Hope! Lessons from the Holy Qur’an: Part I We are living in a sad state of affairs. In the U.S., unemployment rate has almo...


Never Give Up Hope! Lessons from the Holy Qur’an: Part I

We are living in a sad state of affairs. In the U.S., unemployment rate has almost reached 20%. In the U.K., 33% of all youth have no jobs. Our beloved Islamic country of Somalia was hit by a severe drought. Not too long ago, we were squabbling over when Eid-ul-Fitr was going to be. We almost came to blows when the moon was sighted on this day and not on that day. Almost 2 out of 3 Islamic marriages end up in divorce within the first 2 years. We have multi-million dollar masjids that not even a full line of people come to pray Fajr. We shave our beards and we drop our Hijabs because we are afraid of that looming cloud of unemployment. Depressed yet? If you are, then Shaytan has you right where he wants you, but even if this is the case, never give up hope!

Why should you never give up hope despite all of the horribly true things that are happening to us, as human beings and as Muslims, all over the world? Because we have a belief that over 4 billion people in the world don’t share. We have a Book that over 4 billion people don’t believe in. We have a Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) that wept entire nights for Allah to forgive us…us…his Ummah. He hasn’t met us nor have we met him. But because we believe in La Ilaha Ill-Allah and because we believe in Muhammad-ur Rasulullah we should not give up hope!

Let me let you in on a little secret. The fact that we are being tested…is a blessing. Say what? The ayah of the Qur’an says, “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, Who, when disaster strikes them, say, "Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return." (2:155-156) But Allah doesn’t stop there! “Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the rightly guided.”

Allah is telling us in the Qur’an that He will test us. That job you lost? It wasn’t because of the economy. It was because Allah was testing you my dear brothers, sisters, and elders in Islam. Would you dwell into a pit of despair which is what Shaytan wanted you to do and succumb to despair? Or would you brave the storm and have full trust in Allah, that your Rizq (provisions) do not come from your employer or from that paycheck, but it comes from Allah the most High! He is the King of kings, the Sultan of Sultans, the President of presidents, and the Creator of creation. In one instant, He can make all of your needs, wants, and desires come true. But he doesn’t do so. Why? In order to test us, like the ayah of the Qur’an says, to see who amongst is an average Joe, or in this case, an average Muslimah or Muslim who runs after people to have their needs met, or if we are the cream of the very top of the crop, who say, firmly, that all I had was from Allah, all I have is from Allah, and all I am destined to have is from Allah. So I am content with what Allah has given me. Are we amongst that elite group of people that because Allah loves us, the Angels make du’a for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no breaks? “Because I love this servant of mine, you, my angels, also love them”.

If that doesn't raise your hopes, then try this on for size: "For indeed, after hardship there will be relief. Indeed, after hardship there will be relief". (94:5-6) No, I did not just repeat one ayah over again, it is the next ayah in this Surah. The fact that this ayah is mentioned twice, one after another, shows that one hardship will not overcome two reliefs. So if you lost your job (1 hardship) and you bear the tribulation of being unemployed with patience and trust in Allah, then Allah will reward you insha'Allah with 2 reliefs: a better job (salary, environment, work hours, etc.) and ability to pay off that student debt (or mortgage, or bank loan, etc.).

Can you imagine how merciful our Allah is? We don't have to do anything, just start and end every day with a smile, even if we have no job and cannot do anything else. All we have to do is pray to Allah to help us. It might take 1 month, 1 year, 5 years...but the relief is coming! You know when you are floundering in that (pick the subject you dislike the most) class, or you need some help with a project at work and you ask someone for help? Remember when they made promise after promise to help you out but in the end leave you out to dry? Remember? We all have had times in our lives where we relied on someone else to help us out with a situation and they just didn't come through for us. Well guess what? Allah has your back! That's right, the one who created your mother to give birth to you; He...has your back! Please, please, please... do not rely on Obama or the economy or a previous employer to help you out, in this case with your financial situation. Please do not read the newspapers that say with despair, this family's home was foreclosed, yours could be next. This man was making millions on Wall Street, now he is selling pizzas. The newspapers are not the ones that cause despair in your heart; it is our open enemy, Shaytan, who instills fear in us, who wants us to take interest loans, to shave our beards when we go for interviews, to take off the hijab when we go out in public. This is all because we don't see the light at the end of the tunnel that shows- relief is on the way! The one who is delivering it? None other...than Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) Himself!


Stay tuned for Part II- Lessons from the life of Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) on why you should never give up hope!

Written by brother Ali Ibrahim