79 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life – Part 4

I’ve always gained inspiration from these tips, which is why I’ve decided to share with you. Each one comes with an elaboration from me.

1. Use money as a tool
Money doesn’t have to enslave you. How much money do you really need? How about having enough to do what you want, when you want to do it? Why would anyone need more than that?

2. Dream
Let yourself dream. All my childhood I’ve been told that things can’t be done, but I have come to realize just the opposite, so let yourself dream and ignore the people that don’t know what they’re talking about.

3. Learn a new language
How many times have you heard or even said “I want to learn a new language”? Stop wishing and start doing. Just 10-15 minutes a day will give you results.

4. Enjoy nature
How long has it been since you took a walk in nature? What about sitting down in the forest and just listening to the wildlife?

5. Self-discipline
Having and exercising discipline comes in handy more often than you think. We all have weak moments in our lives when we are just about to give up.

6. Plan your day
Before you get out of bed, visualize how your perfect day would look like. How do you want that day to go?

7. Excuses
Have you been putting off doing what you love because you’re afraid? It’s time to throw out all the excuses and just do it. You will see that the fear and excuses fall away once you realize that they really do not hold as much power as you think.

8. Social media
If you’re not already involved in social media, get involved. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. They are tools to help you connect with the right people. Use them.

9. Blog
Starting a blog doesn’t mean you have to make money. You can start a blog just to have a home on the internet. Share your thoughts and build a community. You might even discover your passion in the process.

10. Relax
Stress is killing all of us slowly. Take time out of your day to relax. Worship, read Qur’an, ponder over its verses, be mindful, walk, hangout with your loved ones.

Wishing you the very best.
Zakia Usmani


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    Asalamuwalekum.. Sister I love u sister.ALLAH is great ALLAHUAKBAR, thy gave me a sister like u. Please pray for me.

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    JazakIllahu khair