79 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life - Part 3

Enjoy today’s inspiring, and great tips!

1. Tidy up
Keep your apartment or house clean. Not saying that I’m a master of cleanliness or anything, but it sure does feel good to have everything looking good, doesn’t it?

2. Embrace challenges
Most people avoid challenges, or as they like to call them: problems. What would life be without challenges? Incredibly boring. We would never grow – at least not as fast – and everything would be smooth sailing.

3. Live with power
Live with power and certainty. Power goes hand in hand with responsibility. Take action, be confident, be yourself and trust that your intuition will guide you wherever you need to be.

4. Practice courage
We all have our fears. By practicing courage and doing something even though you’re afraid, you grow. New stuff is scary. I know that. You know that. Let’s do it anyway, shall we?

5. Surround yourself with awesome people
The people you choose as friends have a big impact on how you think and act. Do not accept just anyone into your life. Choose your friends wisely.

6. Go with the flow
You know, Allah is constantly giving you hints and trying to pull you in one direction. Are you noticing those hints? From now on, think about the signs you’re getting and follow them.

7. Release expectations
Release all expectations after you’ve set your goal. You never know what Allah might deliver to your doorstep. That’s why you want to have an open-mind, because what if Allah has something better in store for you?

8. Experiment
Dare to experiment. Embrace failure, because that is how you learn and how you grow. Being awesome means looking ridiculous and making tons of mistakes. Why? Because it helps you become better and provide even more value.

9. Live within your means
Do you really need a car? Do you need cable T.V? We can live a lot cheaper when we realize that we do not need a lot of the stuff we think we need. This allows you to work less and have more free time to do what you want.

10. Slow down
Life is busy. Try to be conscious as much as possible. Breathe and slow down. Enjoy the fact that you’re alive. Be grateful for the little things. Be grateful for the big things.

Wishing you the very best.

Zakia Usmani

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