What is Sihr? Part 2

Sihr is the negative use of Jinn powered by jealous and malicious human beings, whose main objective is to harm or deprive others of something, or influence them to do something wrong or negative. Magic is the use of certain devices or tactics or materials to affect people’s minds so as to see what is unreal and believe it to be reality.

Sihr actually is an agreement set up between a magician and Satan which requires that the magician commit certain illegal or polytheistic acts, such as swearing to seek refuge in shaytan or slaughtering in his name, writing Qur’an with filth, rewriting the words of one of the surah of the Qur’an backwards and so on. In return for this great disbelief in Allah SWT, Satan gives his assistance in fulfilling the magician’s request.

Black magic is one of the most horrible, tragic sufferings one can experience in life. But it is important to remember that magic and Jinn possession only occur if it is Allah's will. "But they could not harm anyone except by Allah's permission." [Quran 2:102]

The one who wants sihr performed goes to the magician and asks him to perform magic on someone. At this point the magician asks him for the name of the person on whom he wants him to perform witchcraft, and the name of his/her mother, and for something that belongs to him, such as some hair, nails, clothing or his picture or even their home address.

But why does the witch ask about mother’s name, and not the father’s name as he should? And how does a magician use these belongings? What if the victim is righteous and pious, fearing Allah, and he recite the Qur’an and Dhikr daily? Does the magic still affect him?

We will be discussing this issue and much more in our course Unchained: Believer’s Weapon Against Dark Forces and in our upcoming posts insha Allah.


Unchained - Believer's Weapon Against Dark Forces - Part 1

Jinns and magic are two topics that fascinate both Muslims and non-Muslims. In this series of posts, I will speak about the Islamic perspective on these mystical and hidden realities, insha Allah.

The epidemic of Sihr in our communities is reaching epic proportions. The presence of this evil is found commonly among Muslims. For many people, at the first instance of a dispute, they turn to a magician to help them overcome their adversary and this has led to the spread of much evil, corruption and sheer injustice to many innocent people.

The spread of this disease has touched many families, often without them all realizing it. The question is what to do about the eradication of this disease. The first most obvious step is education on how sahir perform sihr and the effect on the person on whom the sihr is being done. People normally think that they just have to go to a “religious” person, pay him some money, and in return get the ta’weez which will get them their dream job, love of their spouse, marriage to the person they love most or even business partnerships. Some people do it with good intentions, and some people do it with evil intention. But really, do you think there is a difference? How should we deal with the type of situation?

Insha Allah in the next post I will explain the right steps to take in order to solve this problem. The first step we should take is educating ourselves, our friends, and family.

Jazakum Allah Khayr!!
Zakia Usmani

Unchained: Believer’s Weapon Against Dark Forces