Part 12 - Concluding Al- Fatiha

Today we will bid farewell to Surat Al-Fatiha as we conclude with its last remaining verses.

We talked about the Siraat and how we must strive, with Allah’s help and guidance, to remain steadfast on this path in order to succeed in this life and the next.

And since the right company makes all the difference in providing the support, reinforcement and good example to staying firm in faith and conduct, we specify that Allah guide us to “the path of those on whom You bestowed Your Grace/blessings...” (Siraat-al-latheena an’amta alaihim)

This is a reminder of all the good men/women that have succeeded before us. These are the prophets, the righteous, the companions, and foremost- our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihe wassallam. We are consoled when we remember them and the hardships they endured. It makes our trials bearable and we are relieved and comforted that insha’Allah we will be of their company in our next eternal life.

“Ghair-il-maghdhoobi alaihim” (not of those whom upon them is wrath). These are the people, who know very well the truth and what is right, but deliberately reject it and refuse to abide by it. So they have the knowledge but refuse to conform.

Example: Those who know they must pray, but choose not to.

“Wala-dhaalleen” (nor of those who go astray). These are the people who lack the knowledge of the truth and don’t search for it, so they conform but to the wrong path.

Example: Those who pray, but in an unacceptable way.

And finally, “Aaameen”. Ameen means “My Lord, grant/answer (my prayers).” With Aameen, we are pleading to the One whose in His hands is our guidance, success and salvation.

So express wholeheartedly, your need for Allah. And here’s another great reason for a wholehearted “Aameen!” The Prophet sallallahu alaihe wassallam tells us that if our “Aameen” coincides with the “Aameen” of the angels above, Allah will forgive all of our previous sins!

So this is no time to be drifting in our Salah, this is too good to miss! Our heart needs to be present and alive!

So the next time you are in prayer reciting Al-Fatiha, remember to pause momentarily as the Prophet did after every verse, because His Majesty- with His beautiful face to yours, is responding to you… Feel it! What an honour it is to be His servant!

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