Part 16 - Where True Happiness Really Lies?

What is sujood really about? Many of us have been performing the sujood robotically over the years, out of a mechanical routine, and thus have not felt its powerful effect.

We will not be able to taste the true sweetness of any part of Salah until we get our heart into it! Sujood is the ultimate symbol of complete submission to our Creator.

Sujood is the real secret to true happiness. How? Ask yourself this: Where does Jannah (Paradise) lie- the place of ultimate bliss? Up above in the seventh heaven, close to Allah. Where does Hell lie the place of ultimate misery? Down below, furthest from Allah, as the gateways of Heaven do not open up for the wrong-doers.

What is the highest rank that can be reached in Jannah- the point of ultimate bliss? It is a place called “Al Firdous Al A’la”. Its ceiling/upper limits is Allah’s Throne! It is the highest place in Heavens; the closest one can ever come to Allah! In other words, for those who reside there, their neighbor is Allah Himself!

So, where does happiness lie? It lies high above with Allah. So the secret formula goes like this: the closer you become to Allah (The King!), the higher your spirits will rise, and thus the happier you will be! But how do we reach the levels of this great happiness? We must rise closer to that elevation. How do we do that? By lowering ourselves down! Prophet sallallahu alaihe wassallam said: “The closest a servant ever is to His Lord, is when he is prostrating (in sujood)” And what does Allah say at the end of Surat Al Alaq? “...Prostrate and draw near (to Allah)”

Rabi’a Ibn Ka’eb was once helping out the Prophet with water for his wudu’ (ablution) when the Prophet said to him, “Ask me.” Rabi’a replied, “I ask to be with you in Paradise.” “Anything else?” The Prophet asked. “Only that”, Rabi’a said. To that the Prophet replied, “Then help me to help you (get there), by performing much sujood.”

In order for your spirits to be lifted up higher and higher, you must bring your body down, lower. And just as your body does its sujood, make sure your heart is in sujood as well… in sujood to The One, Who above the Throne is established, every day, directing new affairs. To Him rise the needs and deeds of everyone. Everyone needs Him and He needs no one.

Sujood is the most special part of prayer. Sujood is very precious! How many a worry has sujood relieved. How many a difficulty and trial has sujood resolved. How many a need has sujood fulfilled. How many a duaa went unanswered, till it was made in sujood!

Bring yourself down to the ground, to bring yourself closer to The Lord. Prostrate with body, heart and soul and taste the sweetest feeling in the world. Taste the real happiness of this world!

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