How to make effective duas this Ramadan Part 2

Always start your du’a  with " Bimillah alhudullilah was salatu wa salamu ala rasollillah (In the name of Allah, Praise is to Allah, and Peace and Blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah) and should end with (Peace and Blessing be upon the Messenger of Allah).

• Make your dua secretly and with a present (sincere) heart.
• Show humility  and express your need of Allah(SWT)

• Insist to Allah(S WT) in your supplication by repeating it many times.

• Invoke Allah(SWT) by His Names and Attributes.

• Supplicate Allah(SWT) by mentioning the righteous deeds you have done.

• Admit your sins during your supplication.

• Repeat each sentence of your supplication three times.

• Face AI-Qiblah (Makkah) during your supplication.

• Raise your hands while supplicating Allah (SWT).

• Be in the state of Purity during your supplication.

• When making supplication for others, start with yourself first then include others

• Do not be aggressive when you are supplicating Allah (SWT) such as asking Him to make you a prophet and you know there will not be a prophet after Mohammed SAW or make you live for ever and you know everyone will die.

• Remember to include your parents in your supplication

• Be patient, do not expect an immediate response from Allah(SWT) although this could happen but if it does not, then you should be patient and continue supplicating Allah(SWT) until you see the results.

“O Allah, I supplicate You to grant me Your Love, And the Love of those who love You, And the action that would lead me to win Your Love, And make my love for You more dear to me Than myself, my family, and cold refreshing water”.

 Remember me in your duas.

Zakia Usmani

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