How to make effective duas this Ramadan - Part 7

Assalamu Alaikum  wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

There are some reasons which cause the supplication to be accepted by Allah(SWI'). They are:

• Repentance to Allah(SWT):

• Good income: The income must be -halal(good) as the Messenger of Allah SAW  was asked by one of His companions -How could 1 have my supplication responded to?- The messenger of Allah SAW, said - Make your income good and your supplication will be responded to-.

• Perform Supererogatory Deeds: Such as voluntary prayer and voluntary fasting.

• Chose The Preferred Time For Supplication.

As there are reasons for acceptance of a supplication, there are reasons for rejection of a supplication. Here are some reasons which will make Allah (SWT) reject the supplication:

• Illegal Income

• Committing a lot of sins

• Having doubt in Allah (SWT)

• Being Aggressive When Supplicating

“O  Allah, Place in my heart light, and in my tongue light, And in my ears light, and in my eyes light, And above me light, and beneath me light, And on my right light, and on my left light, And in front of me light, and behind me light, And in my soul light, And grant me a far transcendent light.”

Remember me in your duas.

Zakia Usmani

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