Guide us to The Straight Path

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New Releases from Believer’s Path Institute

Alhamdulillah. There is no power except with Allah’s permission.

We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of our new course

“Guide us to The Straight Path”.

Do you sometimes feel that your Salah (prayer) is not quite having the effect it is supposed to have on you and your life? Have you ever considered that perhaps it is because we are not giving it its due justice? It seems we have lost (or were never taught) that ability to *connect* in Salah that makes all the difference in its effect on us.
Consider the following examples of those who came before us:
It was said that when Ali washed in preparation for prayer, he always went pale and trembled with anxiety as he thought of himself about to stand before his Lord.
Another companion needed an amputation. He requested that it be performed while he was engaged in Salah.
An entire wall collapsed in the mosque that one companion was praying in, but he was too engrossed to realize what happened till his prayer was completed.
How did they attain that level of pleasure, sweetness of Iman and inner peace that Salah is meant to inspire? Is it possible for us to reach that level too?
I want to taste this sweetness and I wish for you the same. I have prepared a video course to learn how to taste the true beauty of Salah!